Gigi Gorlova 

Gigi Gorlova is a British digital artist currently living in Dubai with her husband. Her work is inspired by surrealism, colour and metal textures. She is a verified crypto artist and has sold a number of pieces on the rarible platform. Her academic background includes attending University of Arts London where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. She has previously worked with a number of design agencies and brands before going freelance in 2017.

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Shavoone Wong

Shavonne Wong is a 3D Virtual Model Creator and NFT Artist. Building on her experiences as a Fashion and Advertising Photographer for the past decade, she creates life-like virtual models and places them in surreal environments and the metaverse. Shavonne was named Forbes 30U30 Asia in 2020.

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Christos Lianopoulos or "Tookee", is a digital artist based in Athens, Greece. He creates art that is focused on the contrast between shapes, colours, textures & light. Much of his work contains the elements of harmony and balance but on the other hand some pieces are truly aggressive

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Willea Zwey

Willea Zwey is a digital artist and multi-disciplinary illustrator. She specializes in highly detailed digital illustration with surreal elements that features architectural qualities.


Mar Guixa Studio

Mar Guixà, is an emerging virtual designer who loves the interaction of colors and shapes, quality rather quantity and concepts behind garments. She believes that the essence of the fashion industry lies in living constantly between reality and art.



Denova is a 3D and VFX artist residing from London with over 13 years of experience. His attention to detail and passion for the art form has allowed him to seamlessly facilitate some of the worlds biggest videos, live performances and TV productions. His key clients include: Sony, Warner Music, Universal, Little Mix, One Direction, 50 cent, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby, Jessie J, Rick Ross, Chip, Fredo, Tiwa Savage, Wiz Kid plus more..


Berly Bilici

Self-taught 3D Artist mostly focused on Character Design & Animation, 3D Character Design & Animation. Berly is an NFTs  Enthusiastic about cyber culture, digital avatars, high-fashion and interaction with the Metaverse

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NFT Car Girl

NFT Car Girl is a self-aught digital artist based in Latvia, she creates dream like environments and renders within them classic cars. She has captured our imaginations for her use of colour, light and her obsessions with the automotive.



Maalavidaa is Alycia Rainaud, a french Graphic Designer and Digital Artist based in Montréal, Canada.

She graduated in June 2018 with a Master Degree in Graphic Design as well as a thesis dealing with the analogy between Book's shaping and Psychology. In the meantime, she created Maalavidaa in 2016 as both a persona and an artistic mindset.

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Nafay is an Art Director based in Karachi, working as a professional digital and album cover artist working with electronic musician artist and labels. His clients include Mr Suicide Sheep, EMBRZ, Oxford Books UK, Trey3n, Ultra Music Festival.


King Debs

King Debs is a multimedia artist based in Cape Town, South Afrika.  Working primarily in 3D digital art and his self-developed calligraphy, King Debs creates a unique aesthetic to transpose his ideas on identity and Afrikanism.

His work deals with with the notion of post-humanism within an Afrikan context. He is  inspired by 'trans-humanist' ideology and the dystopian convergence of man and machine. 

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J Cabo

Creative Director and 3D fashion designer, originally from Spain and is now based in London, UK. He is recognised for his creative street wear 3D designs and his work bridging the gap between digital art and fashion. 


Yugal Odhrani

Yugal Odhrani is a multidisciplinary digital artist and Art Director from Dubai, UAE. His works are focused on elegantly connecting his love for human anatomy and fashion in a dystopian like world.

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Satit Tang

Satit Tang is an artist, illustration and obsessive animator. Living in Bangkok, Thailand he works on creating colourful and moody settings, with his characters often taking front in centre sometimes in an emotionless way and creating a surreal under world setting.

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Chloe Huber

Chloe is a digital artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Received her Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from Brigham Young University in 2011, and since then has been working in the fields of graphic design, illustration, and film work.  She began experimenting with animation in early 2018 out of a desire to process my life experiences with an emphasis on cycles, spirals, shapes, and symbols, along with my own image and figure.