Into the studio with Tookee

Updated: Jun 8

Where were you born?

I was born in the northern part of Greece, Alexandroupoli but I grew up on Crete Island.

Do you come from an artistic background? Is your family artistic?

As a kid I was always painting all over my books when I was in school. One day a teacher told me I should try to learn art, when the rest of my teachers were discouraging me. No, my family has a much different background.

Did you study art? And if so, where?

Yes, I studied Design in high school and afterwards I studied Interior Design at West Attica University of Athens.

Can you explain how you got into digital art?

Throughout the years, I was often compelled to use digital softwares for several different reasons in my classes. So I can say that I had a very smooth introduction to the digital world.

Why did you choose digital over the physical art?

I didn't choose digital exactly, it's fascinating to an artist to use different tools, no matter what it is, physical or digital. When I was studying interior design we had to represent our idea with some 3D sketches. I got so interested in it that I had no choice but to keep learning and experimenting more.

Can you explain the process you go through to create works? Your works are surreal and super unique, what inspires you?

Hmm. It's a bit of a cliche but first and foremost I get a lot of inspiration through my emotions. The second most important thing when I'm working on my art, is that I try to combine the different things that I see every day. A color, a shape or even just a thought can trigger a big wave of creativity in me.

Why do you think the future is digital?

From a technical side, the world is already full of screens. Digital is taking over the world really fast, and on the other hand, digital gives you so much freedom that it's very hard to avoid using it. In my opinion, the real future is in the combination of digital and physical worlds.

What excites you about NFTs?

NFTs give hope to the creators, digital art had almost no value in the past. There are so many people who want to use your stuff without asking, so having a digital identity that no one can delete or replicate, as a digital artist is very important to keep your work safe.

Why do you like digital fashion?

I see fashion as a tool to express myself, the same way you can use digital or physical tools to create any kind of art. With the internet and digital softwares now anyone can be creative in this field, which was so hard to do before.

Can you talk us through what programmes you use? How you create?

I mainly use Cinema 4D as the base of my art and I render through Octane. Clo3D for the fashion designs, DazStudio for the characters. Fusion 360 for hard surface modeling. There is no finish line to this!

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