INSA x Tookee

Updated: May 23

We are huge advocates to support traditional artists into the web3 space and create new exciting opportunities for their creative practice. Earlier this year we worked with street artist and urban contemporary muralist, INSA from the UK to find the right partnership with digital artist and designer Tookee from Greece. The pair worked together to design INSA's first digital wearable into the metaverse and the avatar animation you see here.


INSA, a groundbreaking graffiti artist and all-around creative visionary is entering web3. INSA’s work has always straddled both the digital and physical realms. Over a decade of creating “GIF-ITI’, animated street paintings that have looped for free in the infinity of web2. Having painted animated murals around the globe, created giant works filmed from space and even broken world records. We are excited to see where we go in web3… -

The collection dropped in the summer of 2022 with a physical wearable paired with a digital item.


The INSALAND Members Jacket is the genesis digital fashion release from artist INSA. Collectors will receive 1 digital jacket NFT per order, with a promise of future use in a meta-verse and AR Functionality. The INSALAND Members Jacket is the starting point for the INSALAND Community, a unique opportunity to join INSALAND and our explorations into the Meta-verse and web3.

10 of the REAL PHYSICAL Jacket will be gifted randomly to holders of this Token.

Holders get access to INSALAND community drops, events, and digital gifts.

Mint Price £333

The PHYSICAL The INSALAND Members Jacket is the genesis solo NFT release from artist INSA, the ultimate flex in the world of physical/digital crossovers, and the unique opportunity to join the INSALAND members community. With this purchase, you get the physical jacket and the matching digital NFT. Holders will have access to community drops, events, and digital/physical gifts, and be part of future explorations of INSALAND in Web3. These premium reversible varsity Jackets are designed in London in collaboration with Lola Okuyiga from Wonder, have embroidered leather sleeves featuring the iconic GRAFFITI FETISH artwork. A truly unique members item, as each jacket, is individually numbered out of 150. Mint Price £666 Bonus Avatar

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