Virgil Inspire Editorial - J Cabo (1).jpg
Virgil Inspire Editorial - J Cabo (1).jpg

What is a POAP?

POAP is a new way of keeping a reliable record of life experiences.

Each time they take part on an event, POAP collectors get a unique badge that is supported by a cryptographic record. These badges are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and open a whole new world of possibilities.

How to receive your POAP?

As a temporary placeholder for a crypto wallet, POAPs can be reserved with an email address. Please note that reserving a POAP with an email address does not mint the POAP to the blockchain; minting to the blockchain can only be done with an Ethereum wallet.


You can link your wallet to your email address at any time in the future to mint your POAPs to the blockchain (and, subsequently, store them safely within your Ethereum wallet).

You can create your wallet here:




Complete the form to claim your free NFT POAP, and join the WeAr x AVATA Community

I agree by claiming the NFT POAP I will form part of the WeAr Magazine x AVATA community and receive information about upcoming events and web3 developments. I understand the POAP will be submitted to my email for me to claim when I have my wallet set up.

Thank you for joining the community and claiming your free NFT POAP, you will receive it shortly via E-mail. Your E-mail will not be sold or used for any other purpose other than to receive your POAP and update you about WeAr Magazine x Avata web3 related info.

Avata 1.gif

Artwork by: J Cabo
Cover artwork of the June 2022 WeAr Magazine

This POAP celebrates the beginning of the WeAr x Avata partnership and the June 2022 edition of WeAr Magazine. All holders of this POAP will be joining the WeAr x Avata web3 community.