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do good  AV  be good


AVATA principles


• Create opportunities for emerging artists and designers

• Build sustainable creative eco systems 

• Fund and support artists in developing nations

• Always remain curious 

• Collaboration is essential

• Do good. Be good.

We are in a rapidly changing and ever evolving fashion and art environment which is presenting unlimited possibilities and opportunities for creatives.


The incorporation of 3D technologies,  into the production and marketing processes in the fashion industry is unfolding within a broader framework, that of a change of stage in the digital era: the emergence of a growingly substantial metaverse, the establishment of cryptocurrencies and the power of NFTs as a non-tangible modality of arts.


Digital art and fashion has no limitations; artists can collaborate from across the world on a project whether that be art or a piece of fashion without any logistical issues that they may usually face. Additionally, artists and designers can create, experiment and test their ideas without having to use any physical materials, cutting down the cost of creative production and lowering risk. Artists can truly be free to create within the framework of web3.

Considering the environmental impact of fashion, going digital eliminates the over production of garments, while drastically decreasing the use of water and energy in the manufacturing process. Just think, you could create a complete digital collection, show it in your digital showroom  or on a digital runway to buyers across the globe and only produce the garments that received the necessary orders to go to production.

There is no doubt that 3D creation and web3 are the tools of our future and will create a more sustainable fashion industry. When we talk about virtual fashion and how fast the whole market has changed and adapted to this disruptive tech, we can't avoid thinking about what else is yet to come, and how mind blowing this future will be.


Don't miss this moment, step into the metaverse.